The Move
To Remote Working

Over 20 years working with Fortune 500 companies around the globe


% Of employees will be working remotely multiple days a week by the end of 2021


$ Ave. employer saves ~ $11k/yr for every person works remotely even ½ time


% Of employees want to work from home and to work at least part time


Minutes The average time saved not commuting to an office each day
Our process

What We Do?

We help keep remote workers connected with their company by blocking annoying popups and serving a corporate message or “Relay” in its place

We Block Annoying Popup Ads On Staff Laptops
We Serve a Corporate Message or RELAY in Its Place
We Keep Your Remote Employees Connected to HQ

Less Distractions

No more annoying popups

More Security

Those ads can contain viruses

Corporate Culture

Connect with staff every day

Corporate Messaging

Eg: Integrity with Innovation


Eg: Q1 reports due April 10

Social Messages

Eg: Welcome Ted In Accounting

$1 per month
for each employee

  • No setup fees
  • Includes 10 RELAY layouts
  • Cancel at any time

People Are Talking

They're not going to see that just by sending somebody home with a laptop. They really need to invest some intention and time into updating all their business operations to match this new way of working.

Coronavirus has lifted the work-from-home stigma. How will that shape the future?

Though most managers have communicated clear expectations around remote work, it's important for teams to feel connected and supported. Management can look to adopt collaboration tools and technology to further support team communication and workflow.

Working From Home Poll Finds Nearly Half Of Canadians Like The New Normal

Now that business leaders can see the potential to rely significantly on workers who don't come into the office every day, it forces excutives to rethink a lot of other things about their operations.

Some companies are killing the office for good - and it could transform the way we live

Who We Are
Angus Crawford


Jon Gillham


Who We Are?

We are a team of tech and marketing professionals that understand your need to stay connected to your employees whether they work from home or even right in your office.

With over 20 years working with Fortune 500 companies around the globe in advertising and marketing, we understand the never ending challenge to help staff embrace the company culture.

Now more than ever, your ability to embed these values every day is critical to team success. We want to help you make it happen!

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